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Today, Flash-based web design has become the most advanced tools for creating interactive website design and presentation for the digital experience. Flash helps in designing professional websites with more interactive pages supplemented with graphics, video and animated characters that gives uniqueness to the website.

Presently, Flash is coined by Macromedia Inc. which is attained by Adobe Flash, serves as a multimedia platform that creates more dynamic and interactive websites by using animation techniques. It is basically used to generate advertisements, animation, and different web page components as well as incorporate video into web pages for creating rich Internet applications. Flash can handle vector graphics and bitmap that support bi-directional audio and video streaming.

Flash animation is a blend of text as well as graphics in the animation program called Adobe Flash Player. Despite all the web can be constructed out of Flash, but it is not suggested, because Flash requires a browser plug-in to run on your computer and usually takes longer to load. Flash is the best design elements used for the global presence of a website. Adding Flash animation in a website is a great way to make your website to look unique and special.

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